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Major hat tip to today, for publishing an article earlier this month that caught our attention. Research is supporting exactly what NinjaZone is all about—keeping kids moving. New studies are showing that we’re stunting kids academic growth by forcing them to sit still for 6 hours straight. Kids are naturally hardwired to react physically, and sometimes … Continued

Meals On-The-Go: Smoothies 3 Ways

If you haven’t heard, there’s been something of a “juicing” craze going on for the past few years. And for good reason: It’s an easy way to load up on healthy fruits and veggies! But one thing juicing tends not to include that is very important in the way of a full meal is protein. … Continued

How Physical Activity Will Help Children Perform Better In School

We all want our children to perform at their personal best academically and in this world of constant screens and sedentary lifestyles, being on top of his physical game is a great way to ensure your child is topping his academic potential, too. One would assume that more studying and less time “playing” would help … Continued


Important Factors You May Be Overlooking In Your Child’s Health

The X Factors to Your Kids’ Health Yes, diet and exercise are incredibly important to our health – but keeping healthy kids is about more than that. Here are a few of the many things that affect your kids’ health, beyond what they eat or their extra-curricular activities. 1. Sleep It’s well-proven that sleep affects … Continued

Prevent Summer Fitness From Falling Flat!

Summers were made for days at the beach, baseball games, and long days spent outdoors, but even the most perfect of days can quickly head downhill if you aren’t ready for the sun and heat. Children and infants are particularly susceptible – and while we want them to remain active this summer, we also want … Continued

WIN at Parenting Your Child Athlete

Why did you put your child in sports? View the entire article at Do you want your child to come out of their youth sports experience a winner feeling good about themselves and having a healthy attitude towards sports? Do your job correctly and your child will learn the sport faster, perform better, have fun … Continued

5 Reasons Sports Rule

Yes, of course sports are great. They’re fun and they keep our kids active. But there are so many reasons – beyond keeping our kids physically active – that sports are… simply AWESOME. Here are our top five reasons: #1 – Socialization. Social skills last a lifetime and participating in sports and extracurriculars is the … Continued

6 Ways to Stay Active Over Summer Break

The release of school for the year is upon that and with that, undoubtedly, comes the rush to fill summer with fun activities for the kids – and us, too. Days spent at the movies or in front of the TV can be all too tempting – but remember that keeping active is important for … Continued

Kid Foods = Healthy?

3 “Kid Foods” Made Healthier Odds are that your kids don’t typically beg for fresh broccoli and roasted vegetables. If they’re like mine, they want the typical “kid foods” – mac ‘n cheese, hot dogs, burgers, fries… all the simple, delicious, carby and fatty foods that most adults simply can’t get away with (if they … Continued


Spring Clean Your Kitchen!

5 Things to Spring Clean From Your Pantry As we enter the month, let the windows fly open and break out the deep cleaning supplies – spring cleaning is here! While you’re in the heat of it, cleaning curtains and blinds and shampooing carpets and upholstery, don’t forget to clean out the all too often … Continued