OPEN GYMS (ages 9+ only)

Drop-in gym times are available for athletes aged 9+ to work tumbling skills they can already do confidently without spot while having access to our specialty equipment. There is 1 instructor (similar to a lifeguard) present to supervise but NOT SPOT. CASH ONLY & SIGNED WAIVER REQUIRED (see below).

PCA Waiver Form (Under 18)

PCA Waiver Form (18 & older)


Winter Holiday Open Gym
Wednesday December 21st & 28th, 5:30-7:30pm


GYM CLOSURES – No open gyms on the dates listed below


PRICE (Cash only)



  1. All athletes must be 9 or older.
  2. A Panther waiver must be signed prior to participating the first time. If the athlete is under the age of 18 a parent must sign waiver(s) prior to participating in the first class.
  3. Each athlete must sign in, provide an email address & phone number and ensure that waiver(s) are on file.
  4. NO ONE is allowed on our floor when a coach isn’t there to supervise. You must wait off the floor until you are called onto the training mat.
  5. Appropriate attire must be worn including clean running shoes, t-shirt, sweatpants/yoga pants/shorts. No jeans or hoodies are allowed. No dress shoes, boots or dirty runners allowed on the gym floor. Absolutely NO jewelry may be worn to practices. Please do not bring these items to the gym. All athlete gear must be put in a locker.
  6. Panther Cheer Athletics Inc. is not responsible for any property that is lost or stolen on the premises.
  7. Tumbling skills are limited to one flipping and two twisting skills. Stunting skills are limited to USASF level 6 skills.
  8. Participants (other than Panther Cheer Staff) may not spot tumbling skills during open gym.
  9. One at a time on the tumble track. For safety, avoid the red edges/sides of the tumble trak. All landings off the Tumble Track must be feet first.
  10. No loose objects or equipment allowed on Tumble Track (balls, hoops, etc.)
  11. The large trampoline & unsprung floor (South-West corner of gym) is off-limits.
  12. All accidents/incidents/injuries must be reported to the supervising coach.
  13. No shouting, swearing, or rude language.
  14. No food or beverages are to be consumed on the gym floor or training area. This includes chewing gum, candy and water.
  15. No pets are allowed in the building.
  16. Inability or refusal to follow these and other coach directives and rules WILL result in immediate expulsion from the gym, without refund.
  17. The supervising coach is in charge. The supervising coach has the authority to refuse or expel anyone from the gym.
  18. There are no exceptions to any of the above.