Are You Taking Initiative to Reach Your Goals for 2016?

Set Goals and Keep Them This Year!

Setting goals is not the hard part, keeping the goals is the challenge. Every New Year’s people set these goals that they plan on following for the year and they usually fall short within a few months’ time. So, how do you really prepare for goals that will last?

Kennedy Family Goal Board 2016

This month’s POWERFUL word is INITIATIVE — INITIATIVE is taking purposeful action that propels life forward.  At each and every practice, our athletes discuss the POWERFUL word of the month and brainstorm ways they can work on it in their own lives.  Many of our athletes have skill based goals like getting their cartwheel or back walkover.  Some of our athletes have discussed wanting to be more organized and use their agendas from school.  My favorite goal comes from my own 6 year old daughter who set the goal to “learn to cook noodles”.

How can we help our children/athletes/ourselves to reach our goals?

Ensuring their/our goals are S.M.A.R.T. is a great first step:

  1. Specific – What is it exactly that you are hoping to accomplish?
  2. Measurable – How will you know when you have achieved it?
  3. Agreed Upon – Who will help you, who will teach you, who will support you in reaching this goal?
  4. Realistic – Will you be able to do this in the amount of time you have given yourself?
  5. Time bound – when will you start? When will you end?

Once you can answer the above 5 questions it is time to take INITIATIVE and set out your plan to achieve your goal.  Some fun and interesting ideas to help build momentum, keep you accountable and on track are below!

  • Post a Picture Board – If there is a goal then visualize it. If you want to achieve that skill, post motivating quotes and pictures for you to look at every day. If you want to save for a vacation, then post beautiful photos of your dream destination and visualize yourself there every time you view that photo.
  • Tell People – It sounds crazy, but by telling people that you have a goal, it makes you feel accountable for finishing that goal. You should tell your friends and your family that you are going to work hard that year to achieve your main goal. Once you tell people, it is real, and you will need to finish because others will hold you accountable and ask you how you are achieving your goal.
  • Set a Date – If you have a goal, make sure to set a date. Maybe your goal is to get a new job, so set goals and make plans to ensure you are able to get that new job and have a plan to do this by a certain date. Putting the pressure on yourself is the best way to get results.
  • Celebrate along the way – As you set the mini steps to take you to your goal, celebrate as you reach them.  This will help keep the momentum and excitement growing and help you stay on track for hitting your end date.

Setting goals and abiding by those goals is the best way get to the end result. Make the steps small and track your progress. Consider the positives and roll with the negatives and you will finally reach your end goal.  Above all, take INITIATIVE — PURPOSEFUL, ACTIONABLE steps that will get you to your goal!

We can’t wait to see what our athletes accomplish over the next few months as they set goals and take the INITIATIVE to make them a reality!

Here are two videos highlighting our Junior 3 and Youth 2 teams who competed this past weekend at the PAC CHEER CHAMPIONSHIPS.

-Coach Stephanie

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