About Us


Where we develop the Panther PRIDE in each of our athletes by teaching them to
Earn it - Show it - and OWN IT!


At Panther Cheer, we passionately believe that we develop athletes into confident, self-reliant, independent, and thoughtful young adults that strive to be their personal best, both in the gym and in life.  We immerse our athletes in a culture that builds their self-esteem, raises their confidence, and surrounds them with positive role models that teach them the value of hard work and being part of a team. Through the guidance of our exemplary staff we teach our athletes to value their accomplishments and understand the value and strength gained from hard work & perseverance.


Our classes are physically challenging and demanding workouts that develop strength, power, flexibility and endurance.  With statistics showing a dramatic increase in childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes, getting our children active through vigorous sport has never been more important.


Cheerleading is the ultimate team sport in which every member of the team is vital to its success.  Through their success in the gym and at competitions, our athletes develop the skills and self-confidence that help them in all other areas of their lives.  Shy children learn to find their voice and assert themselves while developing friendships that are meaningful, supportive and genuine.


Our classes require focus and determination.  Athletes must put their full attention on the task at hand to ensure safety and success.  This concentration is directly transferable to their studies and success in school.  Statistics show a direct correlation between students being active in sports and their increased academic success.


New skills do not come together overnight.  It takes time, patience, hard work and persistence to learn new skills and routines.  All team members must work together over an extended period of time to master their skills and routines in order to make this happen.  Our athletes learn that success takes hard work and time and that continual positive action will bring positive results.


Our classes are fun! Our exceptional coaching staff is passionate about creating lasting memories and experiences for their athletes by providing a caring, warm and supportive environment in which each athlete feels valued as an individual and for their contribution to the team.

Where We Are Located

Panther Cheer is located in an 8,000 sq ft space. We have TWO fully sprung competition floors, a 30′ tumble track, a 30′ air floor, a standard competitive trampoline, as well as various specialty training tools and stunting aids.

#133 – 2771 Simpson Road Richmond,
BC V6X 2R2 Canada
0 800 7378 3729