For fourteen years, Panther Cheer Athletics has set the standard for competitive and recreational cheerleading teams in BC. Our fully certified and trained coaches are passionate about helping their athletes reach their potential in a SAFE and FRIENDLY environment that puts the athlete’s emotional well being FIRST. Not only are athletes taught techniques to help them excel in this sport, Panther Cheer also has a comprehensive character development curriculum integrated into all classes. Our athletes become confident leaders not only on the mat but in their schools, their social circles and at home. They learn the importance of team work, dedication, hard work, perseverance and persistence. Panther Cheer is above all a POSITIVE and SUPPORTIVE FAMILY environment that will always put the wellbeing of their athletes FIRST  – THAT is the Panther Cheer difference!



INTRO TO CHEER:  Our Intro to Cheer Program is the ideal way for athletes and parents to “try out” cheerleading without the commitment of an All-Star Prep or  All Star Cheer team.   This is our FUNdamental program – teaching physical skills like beginner tumbling, motions, dance, jumps and some basic stunts.  It is the perfect class to start with.  As with all Panther classes, our professional and well-trained staff will guide your child in this 45-55 minute class weekly. The class is meant to have your child falling IN LOVE WITH CHEER – getting them sweating, smiling and learning! If your child is curious about cheer, this is the class for you!


TUMBLING CLASSES:  Our tumbling program is the perfect introduction to the world of gymnastics without the hassle of beam, bars and vault AND the perfect introduction to cheer, without the competition or stunts. Many children start with tumbling classes at Panthers. Our classes are specialized for maximum focus on results – we teach drills, drills, drills and do skills, skills, skills! 

As with all Panther classes, our professional and well-trained staff will guide your child in this 55-minute class weekly. The class is meant to have your child falling IN LOVE WITH TUMBLING – getting them sweating, smiling and learning! Be sure to check out our schedule to see which class best suits your child’s needs and schedule. 




“Our favourite thing about Panthers is the feeling of community.  As with other team sports, the athletes bond because they are all working towards a common goal. However, the bonding seems to go beyond simply working towards a specific goal. The athletes and coaches genuinely care about each other. They are able to positively encourage each other to work to the best of their abilities, and they truly celebrate every newly acquired skill. I love the positive environment, the push by the coaches to be stellar, and the feeling of inclusion the athletes feel. Every athlete is valued! It’s great that Bella knows that if she works hard at something that she can achieve what she sets her mind on. Also, I love that Bella knows that it is ok to fail–that she won’t be judged and that she knows that she just has to keep at it.” – Lucy Lee

“What makes me smile when I think of Panthers is your dedication to the kids and how much you want to see them succeed on and off the mat.   This club, by far, has been a major high lite in Courtney’s life for many years and as she moves forward in her life and is continuing to grow she takes with her many valuable lessons and skills she got from working and being a part of Panthers.” – Angela Galbraith

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