Everyone Loves To Bounce!

Come to PCA to discover new heights, flips and tricks! In a very short period of time you will be amazed at your child’s development. Not only will you see their co-ordination and balance (2 very important life skills) improve dramatically, your child will have the time of their life! Smiles are huge in these classes – there is nothing quite like bouncing.

TRAMPOLINE is an excellent cross-training sport! – Did you know that children who are agile and body/space aware are less likely to hurt themselves in other sports?!? Having greater balance, coordination and better knowledge of how to protect themselves when they fall will give them an advantage on the court, field, &  ice.

There are so many benefits to trampolining:

  • stimulates metabolism
  • increases oxygen capacity
  • improves balance
  • increases oxygen circulation to tissues
  • improves lymphatic circulation
  • strengthens their heart
  • firms and strengthens muscles


Most of all, it makes them smile, laugh and is great FUN! This sport is so easy to begin and impossible to give up! Whether your child plays basketball, football, baseball, tennis, judo, badminton, dances or figure skates….PCA can provide your child with hours of fun while improving their fitness!

All our trampoline & tumbling classes are 55min in length.


Intro to trampoline & tumbling is where it all starts! This class is for our younger jump enthusiasts (ages 3-5) that want to learn how to bounce and tumble in a safe and relaxed environment.  This class will help them develop their balance, coordination flexibility and strength.


Beginner trampoline & tumbling is an introductory level for ages 6+ that focuses on the fundamentals of trampoline and tumbling. Participants in this program will develop seat drops, front drops, and back drops as well as other skills using these three fundamental positions on the trampoline. Participants will learn tumbling skills such as roundoff, back handspring, and somersaults. There are no mandatory pre-requisites (other than minimum age 6) for this level.


Intermediate/Advanced trampoline & tumbling is where the flipping begins! The intermediate level teaches both forward and backward flipping through safe progressions to ensure participants have control while airborne. For more advanced jumpers, adding twisting to flips will be explored as well as more advanced traditional combination of trampoline skills. Tumbling in this program will include connecting roundoff to back handsprings, front and back tucks.  The pre-requisites are a demonstration of beginner trampoline class skills and 7 years of age.


Teens/Adults trampoline & tumbling for those 13+. The perfect class for those who want to learn the basics of trampoline or for those more experienced ex-athletes/gymnasts that want to get back in to the gym and bounce.  This class will always give you a great workout without the boring repetition of lifting weights or long slow cardio.  We guarantee that by joining this class you will find muscles you didn’t know you have!