Tumbling For Every Skill Level

Here at Panther Cheer Athletics, we will provide an outstanding and enriching experience for all our students and their families. Our incredible instructors are wonderful with children and safety-certified for the best experience for you and your child. We offer tumbling classes for athletes, ages 4 and up.

Here at Panther Cheer Athletics, we’re often told just how much we positively impact the lives of all of our members. While we’re serious about training athletes, our approach conditions the mind and the body in a way that helps kids achieve in the classroom, in sports, and in life. After all, we’ve realized that’s what it’s all about – teaching kids how to gain strength of mind and body to be successful in any discipline they apply themselves to!

In a world filled with constant distraction, video games, texting and a host of other less than healthy ways for kids to invest their time, we provide a wonderful solution. Our classes, programs and teams will get your kids moving like never before. They’ll experience gains in their strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and power. All of these gains lead to a stronger self-image and a discipline you may have never seen in your child. All great things! Plus, our classes are safe. Taught by safety-certified coaches who bend over backwards (sometimes literally) to keep our members safe and smiling, your kids will learn the right skills through the right drills at the right time of their development.

Group Classes


(Ages 3-5, 45 minutes)
Un-parented class designed to build the joy of movement through games and gymnastics circuits. Focus is on learning forward, backwards rolls, handstands, cartwheels and bridges.
Pre-requisite: None


(Ages 6+, 55 minutes)
These 55 minute classes are great for beginner through advanced athletes. Athletes will work on skills such as cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, handsprings, tucks, layouts and more!  Every class includes flexibility and conditioning components and are divided into levels to ensure every athlete is challenged.


Focus: Forward/backward roll, Handstand, Cartwheel, Fall to Bridge/Handstand to Bridge and Bridge Kick overs.
Pre-requisite: None


Focus: Drills and progressions to help athletes achieve their front and back walkovers. In addition, they will work on perfecting their cartwheels and round-offs.
Pre-requisite: Basics Class


Focus: Drills and progressions to help athletes learn their front and back handsprings. In addition, they will work on connecting these skills to round-offs, front walkovers and back walkovers
Pre-requisite: Walkovers Class


Focus: This class will help athletes learn how to connect multiple handsprings together (both front and back), connect handsprings to jumps, and perform elite tumbling passes using handsprings.
Pre-requisite: Handsprings class


Focus: Drills and progressions to help athletes learn how to perform back and front tucks both as individual skills and connected to other skills.
Pre-requisite: Advanced Handsprings class


Focus: Drills and progressions to help athletes learn how to perform back and front layouts and twisting skills such as arabians, half twists and full twists.
Pre-requisite: Tucks class