• Waiver Policy and Consent

    In regards to my child(ren) participating in the Panther Cheer Athletics Inc. program(s), I waive any and all claims I may have against and release all liability and agree not to sue Panther Cheer Athletics Inc., Stephanie Kennedy, Dawn Silver, Panther Cheer Athletics Inc. employees, agents or volunteers for any personal injury, death, property damage or loss sustained as a result of my child’s participation in the program, arising out of any cause whatsoever. I am aware of the usual risks and dangers inherent in participation in all of the activities associated with the Panther Cheer Athletics Inc. Program and the possibility of injury, death, property damage or loss resulting from the activities.

    It is my responsibility to ensure that my child is wearing suitable clothing during participation in all activities associated with the program: team t­-shirts, shorts and cheer shoes for practices and uniform and other items deemed necessary by the coaches. This includes braces and/or athletic equipment that an athlete may be required to wear in order to participate.

    My child and I have read and understand the Panther Cheer Athletics Inc. rules & regulations that apply at all times and are in place as safety protection measures. I understand that I must report any and all injuries to my Coach(es) no matter how insignificant they may appear and/or whether or not they were a result of participation with Panther Cheer Athletics Inc..

    Accidents can be a result of the nature of the activity and can occur with or without any fault on either part of the athlete or Panther Cheer Athletics Inc., its employees, agents, volunteers or the facility where the activity is taking place. By allowing my daughter/son to participate, I am accepting the risk of an accident occurring and agree that the activities carried out in the course of a cheerleading club are suitable for my child.

    Panther Cheer Athletics Rules & Regulations:
    1. Athletes must come prepared for class and arrive on time.
    2. Athletes are asked to wait for their class to commence before entering the training area.
    3. No use of equipment is permitted unless under the supervision of their coach.
    4. No food or beverages are to be consumed on the gym floor or training area. This includes chewing gum, candy and water.
    5. No outside shoes can be worn on any equipment.
    6. No parents or siblings are allowed on the gym floor or training area without the coach’s permission.
    7. All injuries must be reported to your Coach immediately no matter how insignificant the injury seems and/or whether or not it is cheer­related.
    8. Cheerleaders must wear appropriate clothing to the gym and hair must be tied back and away from the eyes. Once athletes receive team shorts and t­shirts, they will be worn at all practices to ensure uniformity.
    9. Absolutely NO jewelry may be worn to practices. Please do not bring these items to the gym.
    10. Athletes’ names and/or pictures may be featured on our Panther Cheer Athletics Inc. website and or social media site.

    By signing this policy form, you give permission for PCAI to use their picture and/or likeness and/or name on public documents like newsletters and websites. In signing this Consent and Waiver, I am not relying on any oral or written representation or statements made by Panther Cheer Athletics Inc., its servants, agents, employees or authorized volunteers to induce me to permit my child to take part, other than set out in the Consent and Waiver. I am 19 years of age or older and have read and understood the terms of this Consent and Waiver and understand that it is binding upon me, my heirs, executors and administrators.
  • Parent/Guardian

    I have read and understand Panther Cheer Athletics Inc.'s wavier for participation and tuition information. My signature indicates my voluntary agreement with the terms set forth above.
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